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Slovenia Attracts / Privlačna Slovenija

vodniki zemljevidi slovenia attracts sovenia attracts Slovenia Attracts / Privlačna Slovenija

Slovenia Attracts / Privlačna Slovenija

Marjan Bradeško

Slovenia enchants its people and visitors from abroad with topographical diversity, natural beauty and cultural heritage. With this book the author wants to draw attention of all explorers of Slovenia and point out the beauties they should not miss. The author, Marjan Bradeško, presented the attractions in a condensed (120 pages) yet informative and colourful way. This was a special challenge even for a skilful writer and traveller, as Marjan Bradeško is. The text runs in parallel – Slovenian and English. The book was translated into English by Mojca Izgoršek Bradeško, while the review was done by David Setnicker. The book is ideal for all visitors to Slovenia, for all friends of the country and Slovenians all over the world. Slovenia Attracts is a gift for anyone looking for images of an unspoiled nature and rich history.

There are some similar books on the market already – but the closer look shows that the book Slovenia Attracts is simply – different. Its invitation is unstoppable as the book reveals several less known and hidden places of Slovenia, it even skips some of the most known ones – the visitors can find these easily. The book is not a guide, it is – an invitation. The invitation that gives freedom in exploring the country. But the book provides more than enough guidance that the traveller will find those beautiful places, natural beauties and attractions. And even more. The texts depicts also the people, Slovenians, and their creativity which left a rich historic heritage. Marjan Bradeško wanted to show all these abilities to the visitors – as well as to Slovenians. The book is rich both in text as well as in photography. Do not miss it.

The attractive, also less known areas of Slovenia, are presented in an order that encircles Slovenia and ends in the middle, in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The author arranged the chapters in the following way:
1.    Slovenian Istria
2.    Brkini
3.    Kras (The Karst)
4.    The Vipavska dolina Valley and the Trnovski gozd Plateau
5.    The Basin of the River Idrijca
6.    The Goriška Brda Hills
7.    The Tolminsko and Kobariško Region
8.    The Koritnica and Možnica Valleys
9.    Trenta
10.    The Upper Sava River Valley
11.    Bohinj
12.    The Mountain Ratitovec
13.    The Zadrečka dolina Valley
14.    The Solčavsko Region
15.    The World under the Peca Mountain
16.    The Mountains Paški Kozjak and Konjiška gora
17.    Pohorje
18.    Slovenske gorice
19.    The Goričko Region
20.    Lendavske gorice
21.    The Mountain Donačka gora and the Haloze Region
22.    Kozjansko and Bizeljsko
23.    The Mountains Ostrež, Rodež and Kum
24.    Between the Krka River and the Gorjanci Hills
25.    Bela krajina
26.    The Upper Kolpa Valley
27.    The Ribnica Valley
28.    The Bloke Plateau and Loški potok
29.    The Hills of Polhov Gradec
30.    Ljubljansko barje (The marshes of Ljubljana)

Basic data about the book:
—    120 pages, approximately 140 colour photographs, Slovenian-English text
—    Dimensions: 20 x 24 cm (7.87 x 9.49 inches), hard-cover
—    Retail price: 24 EUR (36.00 USD) + shipping costs

Published by Kmečki glas

Ljubljana May 2009

Editorship KAM

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